Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Agents who Rep Fantasy 2

Okay, here is the second list. As with the last one, I have checked all these agents out on Preditors & Editors. I have met Laura, Joe and Laurie at the PNWA Conference in Seattle and all of them were very nice. Of the three I liked Laurie the best, she had a great sense of humour and was very easy to talk to. Not that the other two weren’t nice, but if I’m picking favourites based on my brief chats, it would have to be Laurie. I will be doing a blog later on about my agent, Carolyn Swayze, but I want to get some current info as to what exactly she is looking for so I can give you the best leg up. Good luck querying and I will add to this list in a few weeks time.

Jim McCarthy-Dystel & Goderich Literary Management-response time is 6-8 weeks, Query, brief synopsis and first Chapter in the body of the email,

Laura Rennert-Andrea Brown Literary Agnecy Incorporated- Query in the title of the email, query and first ten pages in the body of the email, no attachments. Wants to know if this is a multiple submission and also if you get offered representation from any other agents.

Joe Monti-Barry Goldblatt Literary --snail mail only* No adult fantasy, just YA. 6-8 week response time Barry Goldblatt Literary LLC
320 7th Avenue #266
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Laurie McLean-Larsen Pomada Literary Agents - - query +10 pages and 1-2 page synopsis, no attachments.

Jessica Faust- Bookends LLC- Accepting queries after September 7th 2010, Query only to 2-4 weeks response time.

Joshua A. Bilmes- JABberwocky Literary Agency- *snail mail only*closed to submissions after July 31st but a good agency and worth keeping an eye on for later.
JABberwocky Literary Agency
PO Box 4558
Sunnyside, NY 11104-0558

Alexandra Machinist-The Linda Chester literary Agency- (pop culture/romance) Query letter that includes a comprehensive synopsis, biography, listing of writing and life credentials. 4 week response time.


Simon Kewin said...

Once again, invaluable. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

A very generous list you've posted, Shannon. Thank you.