Friday, April 06, 2012

Battle Royale #4- Ron Weasley VS Legolas

Battle Royale #4 Brings to you the battle of the Sidekicks! Ron Weasley VS Legolas. I thought this might be a landslide, but after the other Battles, I'm not so sure.

Who supported their hero better? Who was the better friend? Who came through when it counted?

Ron Weasley VS Legolas
Voting will be open until the next Battle Royale post goes live.

 Ron Weasley



Liana Brooks said...


He's been a loyal friend and companion for decades. He's fought in multiple battles. He faced the land of the dead to support his best friend. He was able to see past racial prejudice and bring a new era of peace.

IndigoAngel77 said...

Legolas besides being the better sidekick, he's cuter too! ; D

Sheree said...

"Legolas! What do you seen with your Elven eyes?" - my favorite line from the movies. In general, Tolkien's Elves are way more romantic figures than any character in Harry Potter. Poor red-headed Ron can't possibly compete.

B Y Rogers said...

Does Ron have any of that lucky charm serum Harry used?

cspokey said...

I'm going to say Ron, because he had to put up with a lot being Harry's friend.

Also, someone needs to vote for Ron.

Lani Wendt Young said...

Legolas is hotter...but i agree Ron had to endure so much crap being Harrys friend! Vote for Ron.