Saturday, March 31, 2012

Battle Royale #2- #HungerGames Peeta VS Gale

Battle Royale #2 may just surpass the battle of the Vampires, but we'll soon see. Were you team Gale as you read "The Hunger Games"? Or were you team Peeta? Has that change now that the movie is out?
You tell me! Personally, I'm glad I don't have to choose, I'll leave that up to you. Leave a comment and we'll see who wins out in what is sure to be a HEATED Battle Royale! You can vote up until the next post in the Battle Royal goes live.

Peeta                                                                                        Gale


Sheree said...

I've always been Team Peeta. When in doubt, marry the one who could keep his family fed legally. Besides, he's way more resilent and smarter than he looked - hidden depths, people! He has the "traditionally heroine" role in that he survived in the Game by working with others while Katniss is a loner, only forced into an alliance with Rue because Rue reminded her so much of Prim.

In a way, the whole love triangle thing is not really that important since Katniss herself didn't think about that a whole lot - she's more concerned with keeping her mother and sister alive.

Tanya said...

totaly vying for Peeta, yes may have dropped a few bombs along the way, but he truly feels for katniss, and his family, and for what hes risked for her alone, never less his own family... while gale is all nice and everything, its just not the same when it all boils down. there both really awesome but peeta wins hands down.

Ellia said...

Gale, gale, gale, gale!!!! Peeta is sweet, but come on, who doesn't like a hot guy that can hunt too?

Kyle said...

Totally Team Peeta. From the moment you see him until the end of the trilogy... Gale is not a nice person in the end, and I also think Peeta and Katniss need each other more.

Katja said...

Peeta all the way.

Seriously the way Gale acted when Katniss and Peeta came back was unacceptable. How hard is it to get, that you do what you have to do to survive? I guess Gale would rather have Katniss dead than smootching with Peeta for the sake of the show.