Thursday, March 01, 2012

True Love In A Dream?

Welocme Haley Whitehall, who released her debut book "Living Half Free" February 29th 2012!

Thank you, Shannon for hosting me on your blog. I know that you write urban fantasy and paranormal romance. I thought long and hard to come up with a topic that connected historical fiction to paranormal/fantasy. My conclusion? True love.

True Love

True love is a constant theme in every genre. Some people think it is cliché. Some people do not actually believe true love can happen. I believe it can. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I believe that we all have a soul mate out there. We might not find him or her though, but they exist.

I also believe that, if written right and written fresh, that true love can capture your reader’s interest and perhaps their heart. True love is not necessarily love at first sight. True love is a deep love that grows and evolves over time. True love is what a couple married for sixty years has discovered.

What is true love? True love is hard to define and such any definition is up for debate. Shakespeare couldn’t even find the words. I believe that true love is the unconditional feeling that you feel for another person. You do not have reasons for loving them, you just do. True love inspires, revives, and sometimes even hurts. True love is when you would give up your whole world, just to make sure that the person you love is safe.

Can two hearts be unconsciously connected? Does a higher power control who we fall in love with? Can a person be drawn to another without knowing the reason? Can our ancestors direct our destiny, including our life partner?

In my debut novel LIVING HALF FREE my protagonist, Zachariah, a mulatto slave, thinks that he has found true love -- at least he is asleep. A mysterious and beautiful Native American woman keeps coming to him in a dream. When they finally meet will it truly be lasting love?

Here is a Short Excerpt:

Michael and Ellen carried on a conversation in low voices. The walls always had ears, Ma often said, reminding Zachariah and Rachel to watch their tongues. Slaves rarely had privacy and a stray word overheard by a customer or a passerby could cause a heap of trouble.
Zachariah hated to eat in silence. He wanted to add to the conversation. Should he tell them the dream he had had the night before—the very strange dream? A giant eagle had picked him up by his arms and carried him to a strange land where most of the people were a reddish color.
The most beautiful woman he had ever seen, with piercing green eyes, welcomed him. She dressed like the rich ladies who came to the restaurant in a long gown with a sloping neckline that showed off her shoulders. With one finger, she beckoned him to come nearer. He took a step forward. Instant attraction pulled him closer. Soon he was in her arms kissing her lips and cheeks and neck.
Zachariah touched his tongue to his bottom lip. He’d better keep the pleasant thought to himself. They’d probably scoff at his secret desires.


Comments with a Twitter length entry - 140 characters - about true love and you could win a free copy of LIVING HALF FREE. (It is available it all ebook formats)

HALEY WHITEHALL has a B.A in history and has been studying the Civil War era since the 5th grade. Her writing style is Mark Twain with a little more faith. She likes to write out of the box stories that feature an underdog. LIVING HALF FREE is her debut novel. Released February 29, the ebook can be found at Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords. Find out more about Haley through her website or connect with her on Twitter @HaleyWhitehall or Facebook.


Haley said...

Hi Shannon,

I want to thank you for hosting me on your blog. I appreciate your support and friendship.

Shannon said...

You are very welcome Haley! Authors supporting and helping other authors is a great thing and I'm glad to be a part of it.

cleemckenzie said...

Hi Haley. I'm kind of following you around after visiting LynNerd's super blog. Very excited for you and look forward to reading your book.

cleemckenzie said...

4got this:

True love. Bright light of the Milky Way.