Sunday, April 10, 2011

That's me, I'm a Fire Bug

“Lighting a fire under your ass,” is a term given to show motivation and passion. “She/he is on fire!” says that you’re a person who is moving forward, totally motivated, “That’s hot,” is said to display our approval/desire for someone or something.

Fire is the source of life for cultures around the world, if you’re a "Survivor" aficionado, fire represents your life in the game. Some of the symbolism behind fire is passion, energy, motivation, growth, fresh starts, cleansing and on the flip side, destruction, death, pain and wildness.

What has this all got to do with my post today? Have you ever started a fire while camping or maybe in your woodstove? It can prove difficult if the wood isn’t dry, you don’t have a match or kindling, the wind is blowing too hard. But if you have all the pieces, paper, kindling, wood, matches and no wind or rain, it’s a great deal easier. Better than that, once the fire is going, it’s really easy to KEEP going. Do you see where I’m headed with this folks?

Writing can be hard, one of the most difficult things out there when you think about it. Here’s the analogy. The paper to start a fire is the paper under your fingertips. It won’t do anything until you apply something to it. The kindling is your ideas and your outline. The larger chunks of wood are the hours you put into your writing be it research, outlining, writing or studying the craft. And the match is you, your motivation, your drive and commitment to what you want to accomplish. Don't worry about the wind (naysayers) and rain (rejections) don't let them put your fire out. They're just part of the process, something we all need to go through to have a bigger and better fire (book).

Once the writing fire’s going, despite how hard it might seem, it’s actually a heck of a lot easier to keep going, just like a real fire. You’ve developed your routine, you’re beginning to write every day and now it’s only a matter of keeping at it. So keep at it and most importantly, don’t let your fire go out.

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