Friday, April 01, 2011

Blogfest 30 day Challenge - With Prizes!

There's this great yoga studio in our area and they have put on a thirty day challenge to it's members. What that means is that you have to attend a class every day for thirty days or if you miss a day you have to make that missed day up by doing two classes in a day.

My little brain got to thinking. Maybe that would make a great blog challenge, in fact, I think it would make a great blog challenge and one anybody can participate in.

I know that some of you are groaning and already contemplating the great difficulties that are ahead, the cramped typing fingers, the frozen brain that will no longer produce cognizant thoughts. But that's kind of the point. How many of us actually work on our writing every day? We should if we want to be serious writers (I am still working on this concept myself)

Think of this challenge as a way to train yourself for writing that next novel, a way to get into the swing of things. It will also be a way to get into your blogging if you struggle with regular posts, something that I think is important if you want to keep your followers coming back for more of you quirky brand of writing. You can use interviews, contests, funny blurbs, personal thoughts or anything else that relates to writing in some way.

The start date for this challenge will be April 4th to give you a few days to come up with a list of posts you want to write about and the end date will be May 4th. If you want to participate please make a comment as I think there should be prizes for a contest like this and yes, I will provide them!

And if anyone is super savy and knows how to make a button for this awesome sauce challenge, please feel free to do so we can put that up too.


Deepak Rajanikanth said...

Hi Shannon! I'm Deepak Rajanikanth from India, a very irregular blogger!

I would love to take up this challenge and want to test if I have what it takes to be a Blogger!

Thanks and best of Luck!

@deepakao aka Tweepak

Mandy said...

I love your idea; 30 days of blogging, just like 30 days of yoga, sounds like a challenge. I will save myself the trouble and surrender to failure before I start. (I'll be happy if I crank out one post in the next 30 days.) I certainly look forward to your month of blog posts, Shannon, and I'm sure there are more brave souls out there waiting to follow suit!! Good luck everyone :)