Friday, April 08, 2011

Blurb for CURSED

Okay guys, here's the blurb for my next book. Would love to hear your comments and thoughts, it's only a second draft so there is lots to be improved on I'm sure :D

Descendant of the goddess Bast, Bronwyn seemingly has it all, beauty, speed, stamina, healing abilities and the talent of shape shifting into a variety of felines. That is, if you discount the Curse an ancestor’s folly brought on the family line. Because of the Curse, Bronwyn is a veritable Black Widow, one night with her and her lover dies a horrible death. Desperate to find a way to break the ancient Curse, she’s willing to do what no one else in the family has been. She’s going to employ a demon.

Maksym, sleek, deadly and full of charisma is that demon, but he isn’t interested in breaking the Curse for Bronwyn, not if it means she’ll be in another man’s arms. In a wicked game of cat and mouse with enemies on all sides, Maksym’s and Bronwyn’s growing attraction to each other could spell not only the death of Maksym, but the destruction of all that Bronwyn holds dear.


Anassa said...

Ooh, sounds interesting! I like that you're using Bast as the basis for shifting ability, and the twist with the curse is cool. I hope she manages to break the curse in the end. :)

Shannon said...

Thanks Anassa! I'm super excited to get started on it, this is the story I've worked over with all the story board conferencing stuff. As to if she breaks the curse or not, you'll have to wait and read it to find out ;p

Tanya said...

you had a short on this and i loved it :) glad to see that its going to be a full on novel! looking very forward to it

Me said...

Oooh, I'd add it to my TBR pile! Good luck on the writing. Second draft is always the hardest for me. :)