Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cursing the Muse

A few days off of writing is all I can handle, my muse seems to be in overdrive right now, which I guess is a good thing. Though I must say, the least he could be is more courteous of the fact that I have a job, a husband and other responsibilities on my plate beside writing. Ah well, could be worse, I could be hanging out in "Block City."

I finished my ms three (3) days ago and already I'm back at it with another series as I promised to give myself at least a week away from the Chronicles Series. (Which actually was supposed to be a week off of writing the next book in the series, but I've been outlining already.)

So I've gone back to a piece I'd written not quite a year ago. One that initially was intended just for a writing group piece (a Christmas piece of all things) but has started to really get my attention lately. When discussing possible projects after my first series is completed, this seems to be the one that people are most interested in seeing.

I also need something to take with me to the Surrey International Writers Conference for the Blue Pencil Session wherein you get to sit down with a well known and published author (In my case I'm sitting with Robert Dugoni) and they read a bit of your work and give you some feedback.

If you want to check out the rough, rough copy of my piece I'm thinking of taking and am currently editing the heck out of, check out my website and go to the short stories section and click on the tentatively titled, "Cursed". Or just click on my link below.


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Dr. Kathie M. Black said...

Go Shannon! Like the new background, too :)