Monday, February 07, 2011

Blog & Life Update

Sometimes a blog post is necessary for this sort of deal. I have a lot of little things to share, information, upcoming events and blog posts and there isn't much to do but put it all in one ginormous information laden post.

Kidding. :)

First off, my young reviewer and I have yet to connect on his latest reads so it may be a bit before we get this idea launched properly. But no fear, it will happen!

Some upcoming posts, there will be an interview and give-away with CJ Gosling about her YA Fantasy The Guardian, another post with Elizabeth Engstrom on When to say goodbye to your Agent and a list of the ins and outs of publishing and all the people you never knew existed (like literary Scouts) to name a few.

There will be a contest coming up when my followers on my blog hits 150. This will be a big splash of a contest with lots of goodies! Details are still in the works but I think it's going to be a real fun one. :)

Finally, my own writing journey has gotten under way. Though I don't yet have a contract with publishing house yet, it is getting closer as my agent continues to submit the ms. Along these lines, I will be taking some editing courses in March in the hopes that I will make less mistakes in my own work.

This also means that I will be looking to dip my toes into the free lance editing world. So to pick those lucky few, I have a contest for free edits in order to get feedback before I start on this as a potential side career.

Sounds good? Would love to hear what you all think about this. Thanks for your support in this crazy journey of mine.


Mandy said...

Great idea to broaden your skills, Shannon. Surely more and different opportunities will be available to you as a result. Meanwhile, your journey is an inspiration to other beginning writers, like me :)

Shannon said...

Thanks Mandy. The more you can learn about this business the better writer you'll be all around. That's what I tell myself anyway!