Sunday, November 20, 2011

Announcing a Kindle Fire Or Nook Tablet Give-A-Way

Trish McCallan is the author of "Forged in Fire" and she has some great prizes for her readers that she has asked me to share with you, my readers!

Two months ago I launched my debut romantic suspense Forged in Fire.

As a new author with no fan base, and no name recognition I thought it would take Forged several months to connect with readers. Instead, readers across the globe have embraced the book and I’m feeling incredibly blessed.

As I type this, Forged in Fire is #8 in bestselling romantic suspense novels within the Kindle Store. This is a huge thrill to me since it’s outselling all the new releases of my traditionally published idols. (At least in the Kindle Store!) Forged also has 53 reviews on Amazon, 47 rankings and reviews on Goodreads, eight on Barnes and Noble, three on iBook and numerous reviews posted on blogs across the internet.

In appreciation of my readers’ tremendous support, I will be holding a drawing for a new Kindle Fire, or Barnes and Noble Color Tablet. (Winner’s preference) This giveaway will include a $25.00 gift certificate so the winner can download some new reading material to their new e-reader. The winner will be chosen on December 19th, by random draw.

To enter this drawing all you need to do is send me a review of a self-published book. Ranking does not matter. The book reviewed does NOT have to be mine. Any self-published book, with any ranking will enter you in the drawing. The more reviews you send in, the more chances you have in the drawing.

The only reviews that will not be eligible for this drawing are reviews on self-published works that were previously published through a different publisher. This drawing is for reviews on new work that has not been previously published.

This contest is open to readers outside the United States as well, although in some cases a gift certificate of equal value may need to be substituted.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will address it. Please send all emails with reviews attached to

Good luck to everyone!


Theresa @ Fade Into Fantasy said...

What a fabulous giveaway, Shannon! Thanks so much for your generosity. I have a couple of questions, though.

Is there a limit to how many reviews/entries you will accept?

Is there a time limit on how long ago the reviews were written? For example, will a review I wrote 6 months ago still count?

Thanks again!

Trish said...

Hi Theresa,

I'm actually the one doing the giveaway. There is no limit on the number of reviews/entries you send in. The more you send in, the more chances you get at the prize.

I'm also accepting any reviews that were written within 2011. So if you've reviewed any self-published work within 2011 send them to

If you want to read the actual announcement, you can find it at my blog on my website.

Theresa @ Fade Into Fantasy said...

Perfect! Thanks so much, Trish!

The Violet Hour said...

Would you prefer me to send them in separate emails? Thank you!! =)


IdentitySeeker said...

Wow! This is a really great giveaway. I've only been exposed to independently-published books this year and I must say I'm loving them. Thank you so much for this great opportunity:)