Sunday, February 05, 2012

Winners be here . . .

Two Contests came to a close and so we have a whole lot of winners!

For the January Cover Art Poll, the winning author/cover combination is :

Guy Harrison and Agents of Change

The winning commenter is
Jessica Klassen

The winning commenter will receive all 15 e-books from the authors as well as her choice of Sundered or Dark Waters.

There is still room in the February Indie Cover Art poll, so get your entries into pronto to be a part of the fun!!

Now, on to MORE prizes!
I have the 5 runners up in the review drive for Dark Waters. Each one will receive a $10 gift Card for

1. Amber Spedding
2. Sandy Hunter
3. Matt Sloderbeck
4. Verity Linden
5. Sandy Wolters

And the grand prize of $150 Amazon Gift card goes to . . . .
Kriss Morton!!

I will be sending out the Gift Cards asap, thank you so much for participating in these contests, without you, the readers, my blog would be empty!


Guy Harrison said...

Awesome! Thank you for running such great contests.

Kriss Morton-Weekley said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!! NO WAY! *bouncy bouncy bouncy* Oh I NEVER ever win ANYTHING! *giggling* no way NOOOO way! *fanning face.. chugging pepto* wow! thank you SO MUCH *sniffling and wiping tears* awwwwww Shannon!

omg the books on my wish list are going to start rolling off... and a lighted cover for my kindle.. and and... WOWOWOWOW!


Amber said...

Thank you Shannon!

J.M. Sloderbeck said...

Wow, I won something? Improbable!