Saturday, November 10, 2012

"Priceless" kick ass Cover Art #amreading

Very excited to share this with you! Please tell me what you think, and hang on for the MASSIVE release party with great prizes which is only a few short days away!

*Warning* If you are my mother, do not read this book. There are things like "F" bombs, sexual tension, and naughty, sexy supernatural creatures. Please don't say I didn't warn you.

When children go missing without a trace, there is only one person who can find them.
Welcome to the world of Rylee Adamson, a woman with unique abilities, some wild friends and a unstoppable drive to save those who can't save themselves.
But when the details of a missing child duplicate that of her worst case, things start to get freaky. And not in a good way.


jc andrijeski said...

Great cover, Shannon! And sounds like a fun book to me (of course, I'm not your mother, haha)! Your mom might surprise you, though. I never thought MY mom would like my paranormal romance in a million years, but she's read the whole series, and with nothing but wincing and pleas to stop from me, so...go figure. Then again, she IS my mom. :)

Shannon said...

LOL J.C! Yeah, I figured I was best to pop the warning up, my mom still read the book. But since all my other books are clean of any really bad language etc. I wanted to be uprfront so I didn't surprise any of my regular readers.

SeinaT said...

Love this book!! When can we expect the 2nd????

Dave Toush said...

Really liked the book. Cover is really cool you get a great prrception of Rylee ftom the start.