Friday, December 11, 2009

Starting Out

Lately, I have had the chance to speak to several writers still in the closet. They hear me talk about my writing and the process involved and they start to get excited. Not for me, but for themselves. You see, most of these people are my clients, my farriery clients. So they see me working at a trade that doesn't take a great deal of education (besides the long apprenticeship) and think "Hey, if my farrier can write a novel, why can't I?"

I think it's great, I love that maybe some small part of my writing is inspiring others to work at it themselves, but they all ask the same question, where to start?

Buy a journal or notebook, something you can keep by the bed or dinning room table, wherever you are, it should be. And then just start writing down ideas as they come to you. They don't have to be perfect, don't worry about the spelling, just spit it out. Writing is that simple to start.

As to what happens after that, I am still in the trenches so I will not act as though I have some real knowledge to pass on. Just start small, get those ideas out and the rest will follow. Believe me, I've written two novels that were "just ideas."


Chelan said...

Good advice for me too, Shanny! Even tho I am just writing my thesis, some days it is so hard to sit down and think: "I am going to write my final literature review chapter today." In my experience, the best chapters are those which I sketched out in 20 minutes or less and then built from there - not the ones I wanted to make perfect from the introduction. PS - I love your blog and will be following often!

Shannon said...

Hey thanks Chelan! I am hoping to keep a steady flow going on the blog and my facebook page, by all accounts this is how I am supposed to start my marketing process.
Any time you want to swap writing stories let me know, I would be happy to chat :)