Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Best Books Ever!

I have been thinking of doing a more interactive post, something that everyone can get in on at least in a small way, for some time. Visions of contests, prizes and rengs's (a poem written by a large number of people) floated through my head. But, I have no money to hand out prizes, and most people are too busy for goofy blog post contests. Simplicity is best.

Which is what this is, simple. What are you reading right now and what is your favorite book of all time? I just finished Yasmine Galenorn's book Bone Magic. It is the 7th in her Otherworld series and is a lot of fun to read. I would not recommend it for teens as it does have a fair bit of adult content. And at the moment have not started anything else, though I have several unread volumes on the bookshelf to choose from.

Coming up with my fav. book of all time is a wee bit harder. There are so many to choose from! But I think that at the moment, the best book I have read in a long, long time is Mistborn by Branden Sanderson. Very well written, very original and a great story and memorable characters.

Now it's your turn.

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Tanya said...

sara geulin - "riding lessions" is the book thats been taking over my free time currently. It;s about a woman who was in an riding event and trying to win, when a horiible accident nearly killed her, and did kill the horse she was on. So 18 yrs later her life is falling apart like it did when she was 18, she goes back home to her dying faters farm with a angry teenage duaghter in tow and horrible devoice following behind her, she finds out that things can be worse. With the help of an old friend and a new stable trainer she starts to find reasons to live again, even while still under that black cloud of self doubt.

Its a really god book, also not relaly suited for younger people but for this authours first book, she has done extrmely well.