Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ah crap. . .

Ooohhh there are some things stressed out writers to be shouldn't do. One of them is check the submission page AFTER you have sent in the submission. My assumption was that as certain things were requested of me, that was all I had to worry about.

After reading the full set of submissions for Tor/Forge (which isn't as easy to find as you might think) I realized that I may have sunk my boat before every getting it out on the water. The wee little bit of hope I have is that the submissions page is related ONLY to unsolicited queries, which mine is not.

So maybe I am okay, maybe I am just freaking myself out. Or maybe I have made yet another mistake. Unfortunate for me, I do have a knack for mistakes.

And did I mention that for unsolicited queries it takes 4-6 MONTHS to get a response?! Mother of Pearl!

Any guesses at how long I will have to wait for a response? I am thinking, if the editor chooses to respond, if I haven't totally screwed up, I may hear from her in the next year or two. If I'm lucky.

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