Monday, March 15, 2010

Who me? Obsessive?

Oooh, I have just found a new favorite position. Get your mind out of the gutter! Using my super tech powers (hahaha!) I managed to link my laptop up to the Internet and am sitting in bed, more comfortable than ever before as I use the Internet.

An update on the submission I sent in. No news. But I am realizing that I have it in me to be obsessive compulsive, a new trait never before occurring in my life. Checking my email at least ten times a day- most of that from my blackberry- is making me believe I may just have a problem, at least with the waiting game business.

In fact, the first night I sent off my manuscript, the OCD was so bad that as I pondered on the time difference between here and New York, I counted out the hours and promptly woke up at 4am without an alarm clock because that would be 8am in New York and maybe, just maybe the editor would have already read my manuscript, realized it was the one and sent me a contract.

And yes, I did check my email at 4am. Thank goodness for my blackberry! I just checked it again and nothing. So though I may get through this process with a contract, a new career and a published book I am also seeing that I will probably come through it with a new and lasting disorder. Dang.

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Tanya said...

lol im glad to see that I know at least one person that i actually know, that does that as much as me :P welcome to OCD crazy town shannon! Invite your friends there's still lots of room :)