Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Contest Bonanza! Chocolate and Books Galore! (Ended)

Here it is folks, contest #2! Last time I gave away books and coffee, this time it will be books and CHOCOLATE! I know I feel like the kid in the picture whenever I think about chocolate!
1st Prize : Mistborn trilogy by Branden Sanderson + Lindor Chocolate

2nd Prize: The Guardian : Shadowland Series by CJ Gosling (signed copy) + Purdy's Chocolate

3rd Prize : Witchling by Yasmine Galenorn + a chocolate bar of your choice

How to Win :
Super easy peasy guys and gals. You just gotta love me! :)
Follow my blog : 1 entry

Follow me on Twitter : 1 entry

Put me on your blog roll or blog about me or the contest : 1 entry

RT the contest on Twitter : 1 entry

Here's the hard part, really difficult so pay close attention. If you want your points to count :

I will make an example entry on the comments.

That way I know who wants to be a part of the contest. Some people are great and they RT for the contest, join the blog because I'm so cool (don't laugh) but they don't want to win books or chocolate. I know, it's crazy, but true. So be sure to make a comment on this post so I can put you in the draw.
This contest will run until November 30th, midnight. So get your entries in and feel free to comment several times as you add to your entries.
Good luck to you all and let the winning begin!


Shannon said...

Here's a sample entry for the contest :

My name is Shannon and I follow your blog, your Twitter and I have put your blog on my blog roll. I also have posted a blog about this contest and the link is

That gives me 4 entries.

JJ said...

Chocolate and books! Yay!

I follow your blog, and you on twitter. I also tweeted about it :)

Dee Avila Books said...

Congratulations on the 1k followers I think I am one of the final four before you hit 1k.

I follow your blog and on twitter
I RT about the contest
I also put a link up to your blog with a comment about the contest on my page
4 points yay!

Roaring girl said...

Okay, you make this too easy! I follow your blog, your on my blog roll, I follow your twitter, I've tweeted about this contest. I've also put a link up to your blog with a comment about the contest on my page:

Nick A. said...

I follow your blog! But I'm not on Twitter and I don't have a blogroll, so just one entry for me (the winning entry of course).

Unknown said...

I follow your blog (thanks to an RT from Ziggy Kinsella) and your twitter and also RTed.

That gives me 3 entries.

Francesca said...

Hi! I follow your blog, follow your twitterstream, have retweeted the contest and love chocolate. I think that gives me three.


Unknown said...

Hi, I'm Julie and I follow your blog, your Twitter and I RTed the contest.

That should give me 3 entries.

Thanks for the great giveaway.

Dee Avila Books said...

I really want to win :) Books and Choclate my two favorite things
thanks again for the contest!!
RT it right now too

Anonymous said...

Nice idea to introduce yourself more broadly. So: My entries: follow this blog, follow @Queryaddict, and retweeted your contest. I guess that gives me 3 entries too.

Becca Campbell said...

I follow you on Twitter and I also retweeted your contest tweet.

I haven't exactly set up a blogroll for my site yet, but I will let you know if I have a chance to do that for the contest. Also, if I add you, will you add me to yours also, or do you have certain criteria for who gets added? :)

Thanks for doing the contest!

Shannon said...

Thanks to everyone who has entered so far!Only two days left! :)

To answer your question Becca, sure, I'll put you on my blog roll. :) The more the merrier. Anyone else want in on that?

Unknown said...

Not to worry. I want to win the books, and I always want to win chocolate.

So here I am entering your super cool chocolate and book giveaway.

I'm already a twitter and a newly blog follower. I retweeted--@ebyss.


Thank you for hosting