Saturday, July 16, 2011

Let there be re-vamping!

This is (hopefully) the last change to my blog for a while. As you can see, there are pages you can click on, check out all about me, my books (yes there are books there as well as a trailer) and a page for announcements. It took me a couple of days, but I'm really pleased with the outcome. What do you think of it?

Why all the new stuff? Well, if you notice on the book page, I am releasing a trilogy, the first book, Sundered, being available September 1/11. This is so exciting and I wanted for my friends, family and readers to have an easier time navigating around my sites.

And yes my agent does know that I'm self publishing, in fact when I suggested it to her she thought it was a good idea. With the way that the industry is changing, self publishing is no longer the death knell if you are good at not only the writing, but marketing yourself. It is truly becoming the resume from which the publishers decide if you are any good or not.

Over the next 6 weeks while I ramp up for the release, I'll be trying to keep up on everything, including my blog, my day job, revisions, book trailers, websites etc. Just a few things to keep me busy. ;p

*For those of you interested in the iPad contest, this little announcement should give you a hint as to how you might win the iPad. But I'm not giving you all the details yet!*

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Tanya said...

very nice i like the new layout a lot better, and its got a little hint of "flowers" :P