Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Dauntless" book Launch & a Short Story to boot.

Tomorrow, October 31st, is the big day, the release of Dauntless, the third and final instalment of the Nevermore Trilogy and I’m just a tad bit excited. Okay, I’m -over -the -top -nearly - peed- my- pants- excited!

To help Dauntless shoot out of the starting gate, I’m asking that those who are waiting oh so impatiently for it, to please purchase it between 6-7pm PST to help with the Amazon rankings. This will help me be seen by even more readers, something every author wants and hopes for.

After the writing journey I’ve been on so far (looking for an agent, found an agent, agent is too busy for me, floundered on my own for a bit, now self publishing while agent is in the wings) for me this is a big accomplishment to see a full trilogy published and doing well.

I feel it’s in large part because of YOU my readers. How so? The feedback has been phenomenal, the reviews are 99% 4-5 stars and were not talking just one or two reviews. We’re talking 60+ reviews between the first two Nevermore books, Sundered and Bound. That has given me the encouragement I needed to continue pursuing self publishing.

I wouldn’t be here without my readers and supporters and I want to find a way to thank you. I thought about money and jewels, fast cars and exotic vacations . . . And then I realized what you would all want.

A new story from the Nevermore World.

Tomorrow in conjunction with the release of Dauntless, I have a short story called “No Way Safe” that will be published in the e-zine Forever Nocturne.

The short story follows Annie and Dustin, a brother sister duo as they face packs of insatiable Nevermores, a gun toting crazy woman in a bright purple muumuu and the very daunting task of surviving in that deadly world on their own. Though the short story will leave you hanging (you aren’t really surprised are you?) you will get to see the culmination of Annie and Dustin’s journey in Dauntless.

Again, thank you for all your support and reviews. It is for YOU that I write my stories and I love hearing that you get swept away in them and care about the characters as much as I do. You are the best. =)

Happy Reading!


Marie Loughin said...

Hey, congratulations and good luck! I like the cover on your short story. Cool font!

Shannon said...

Thank you Marie.:) The cover isn't bad at all and I agree, the font is pretty cool!

My cover artist for the series, Patricia Schmitt did the font up for me to match the other books which was super sweet of her.

Krystal Wade said...

Congrats! Just don't pee your pants!