Saturday, October 15, 2011

Winners Announced for iPad Contest and Cover Art Contest

First off, let me say thank you to all who participated in the Cover Art Poll and the Win an iPad contests. Without participants, they’d just be big flops and that would be awful!

The randomly drawn winner of the 16 e-books from the Cover Art Poll is . . .

Erin Bachand

(Commenter #17)  Erin, I will have the authors of all the books contact you in order to get the e-books to you. Congratulations!

The author whose cover garnered the most votes and will now be featured on the other author’s blogs for a minimum of 1 post. By a slim hair (only 1 vote) the winning cover is . . . .#8

 Dawn of Darkness by Daniel A Kaine.

Thank you to all the wonderful authors, the cover art is so fantastic and I’m looking forward already to next month’s cover art poll where another 15 covers will go up and be looking for your votes. If you are an indie author and would like to take part in an upcoming poll, you can contact me at

But I’m betting some of you are looking forward to the really, really big news. You want to know who won the iPad, don’t you?

You’ll have to scroll down for this.

A little more.

I need a drum roll or something.

Okay I give.

The winner is . . . . .


 *throws confetti*

I just sent the iPad off to Sheree today and she will be emailing me a picture with her happy smiling face and her new iPad as soon as she gets it.

But wait, there’s more! I will be releasing the first book in a new trilogy in December and you’ll have another chance to win big.

Not just any bit, Apple iPad 2 big. So stay tuned, it will be a limited time offer and one that you’ll have to jump on if you want a chance to win.

Last but not least, a reminder that Dauntless, Nevermore Trilogy Book III will be released October 31/2011.


Patricia Lynne said...

Congrats to both the winners. This was an awesome contest and I'm glad I got to take part.

roro said...

Congrats to both the winners.