Thursday, December 22, 2011

#IndieBookBlowout Final thoughts

I was lucky enough to be a part of IBB 12 days of Christmas Event which has been a total blast! If you haven't checked it out yet, you should. Like, immediately following the reading of this post! ;p

By Ryan Bibby-
With that in mind, there are TONS of great books, Sundered included in that list that are only .99. In fact, in order to win the Kindle, all you have to do is sign up for their newsletter, which gives you even more chances to win. It's Crazy, I know.

But, anyway, on to the meat of the post. Was the money I put out for the promotion worth it?

I paid for the $100 level, which gave me good exposure, an optimization class which if you read my previous posts(Why your Cover Sucks and it's Killing your sales), you can see the results with my HUGE cover change, it's given me a chance to rub elbows with a Kindle Bestselling Author, Carolyn McCray and absorb some of her knowledge, I've met a ton of other authors AND, for once, I didn't have to do ALL the work. :)

So, would I recommend this type of promotion to other authors?

Yes, I would. I've seen my exposure increase along with my sales which is the whole point, right?

IBB has been easy to work with, very much concerned with helping the authors get the most bang for their buck and really, overall, very, very willing to go the extra mile to help.

Psst. Here's the new cover for Bound, since you're here, let me know what you think!

By Ryan Bibby-


Jonathan D Allen said...

I was waiting to see how this went! My book release date just missed the cutoff, so I was bummed not to be able to get in. Glad to hear you did well, though. Congrats, and love the cover! I'm liking Ryan's approach to this series enough that I hired him for my next cover.

Marie Loughin said...

That's a stunning cover, Shannon. I hope you're doing the third book, too. What a beautiful matching set.

Briteeyes said...

LOVE this cover so much better!!!!! I need to get these in hard copies,, I bought them for my kindle! lol

Shannon said...

Thanks Briteeyes! I will be putting these out in paperback later this year. ;p

The Romanceaholic said...

Love, LOVE the new covers :D