Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Readers and Reviewers, where are you??

This is a reminder post that the Review drive for Dark Waters is still going until January 25th! You have some great chances to win, even if you aren't a "professional" reviewer! So far there are only six (6) entries!

To celebrate the release of Dark Waters I am going to have a review drive, just like I did for Sundered.

Only this time, the Grand Prize is cold, hard, Amazon Gift Certificates.

$150 to one luck winner, and 5 $10 gift certificates to runners up.

How do you get in on this fabulous contest? There’s no purchase necessary, you can sign up for my NEWSLETTER (Which only goes out once a month) to get 1 entry into this contest. How do you sign up? You can leave a comment below with your email, you can email me at to tell me you want to be a part of my newsletter OR you can sign up off my Facebook Fan Page.
Want another free entry? “Like” my Facebook Fan page and I’ll give you an additional entry.

Now, you can get EVEN MORE entries just by purchasing Dark Waters. (Which by the way is only .99) Email me your Proof of Purchase( after you purchase you can forward me your receipt from Amazon) for 10 entries into the contest.

Write me a review on Amazon ( No, it doesn't have to be professional, just a review of 20 words or more), email me the link, and get an additional 20 entries!!

Phew. That’s a lot of chances to win, so good luck, and happy reading.

This contest is open internationally, and will run from December 29th/2011 – January 25th 2012. Winners
will be announced February 5th 2012.

*All reviews and purchase links NOT emailed to me will NOT be entered into the contest.*

*Entries through Facebook and the Newsletter sign up need not send any additional emails in order to be entered into the contest*


J.M. Sloderbeck said...

This. Is. Brilliant.

I love this idea. This is definitely worth a 1-spot to support, and I wish you all the best for it.

Here's hoping you get lots of other reviews.

Shannon said...

Thanks JM! Much appreciated!! :-D

Roaring girl said...

Hi Shannon,

What a wonderful and worthy project:) You have my support!

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea! The cover art is striking, too. Congratulations on the release!

R.S. Hunter said...

Sign me up for the newsletter! Triplzer0 (at) gmail (dot) com

Verity K Linden said...

Dangerous question but... what if I read it, and don't like it? Are those 20 entries just for *positive* reviews? ;) Not that I'm attempting to set anyone up to fail, here.

Shannon said...

Verity- Of course, I'd LOVE 4 & 5 stars ;p But, they are not required to enter the contest. If you read Dark Waters, and TRULY didn't like it and felt it deserves a low rating but didn't want to put it up on Amazon, you could send the review to me and I would count it. :-)

Verity K Linden said...

Not read it yet! I just... yeah. I'm not an easy critic, so I always feel the need to pre-warn ;)

Verity K Linden said...

Awww, man, we're out of luck anyhow. Dark Waters isn't listed on UK Amazon :( Or at least, it doesn't show up when you put 'Dark Waters' into a search. Might wanna look into that, losing out on a market there!

Shannon said...

Verity- All my books on the UK Kindle site(I know because I have sales there:), just put in Shannon Mayer, they should come right up. :)

Thanks for the warning, I am glad for hard reviews, they are what can make us better writers if we let them.

Verity K Linden said...

Done. How extremely odd just putting in 'Dark Waters' doesn't seem to get it. I apologise for my misplaced doom-saying.