Sunday, January 08, 2012

Write Sci-Fi or Fantasy? Want a review for your book?

I've been lucky enough to work with the Indie Book Collective over the last couple of months. I have been impressed by their organization and dedication to making life as an indie author easier. And of course get seen by more readers. :)

So I offered my services as a volunteer and they asked me to help out with their Sci-Fi and Fantasy division, SciYourFi.

As it is in its infancy, this group is looking to do reviews for authors, get some fabulous guest posts going on their blog and of course, get a few fans on their Facebook Fan page.

If this sub-set of the IBC goes anything like their other divisions, ParaYourNormal and Thrillers Rock Twitter, its going to be HUGE!

Here's the info you need--->>>>

And of course, you want to know about the reviews right? You can go to the SciYourFi Blog and there is a section on reviews and guest posts OR you can email them directly at with the following information if you just want a review.

What SciYourFi wants from an author is :

•A PDF or Smashwords coupon code for their book

•A file with cover art.

•An author photo, if you want it posted with the review.

Okay, so what are you waiting for??? Reviews, likes and follows away!!


Lissa said...

Thanks very much for this post. I've contacted them to review my sci-fi book.

Unknown said...

Will the review for soon-to-be-released books?

Krystal Wade said...

Forgot to sign up for follow up comments...

Shannon said...

Krystal, I believe so. If you have a soon to be released book, just be sure to mention the release date. :)

Rayne Hall said...

Is this only for print books, or are e-books acceptable?

The requirement that the author must give away a signed print copy is a stumbling block since my recent releases are e-books.

Phoenician Series Books said...


I see someone else (Krystal) asked but I'm not sure you answered so I'm asking again--at length. Sorry if I'm beating a dead horse. Hit me with its tail (g)

I don't have a solid date on my first release. It's "when the final edits are done." and that was supposed to be December 31, 2011 but ...things happen. I'm looking at "as soon as possible" but not going to release it until it's ready.

Usually, at this stage is when one sends our ARCs (Advance Review Copies) which one generally expects to have errors in it or at least to undergo minor revisions prior to final release. The purpose of ARCs, of course, is to get those quotable statements in reviews that one can copy/paste onto the cover (front and/or back and/or interior front matter) to use for marketing purposes. It's both marketing for the book and marketing for the reviewer.

Will you only be reviewing final release books or will ARCs be read and reviewed?


Shannon said...

Rayne- The section speaking about giveaways in the sign up sheet is only IF you have a print version. :) So if you have no print versions, no worries. :)

Phoenician- Arcs are acceptable, as long as the release date is stated. :-)

Carissa Andrews said...

Wicked info! Thanks! I'm in the process of finishing up my novel. Not sure yet if I plan to go Indie or not, but either way… what a great resource!