Thursday, February 28, 2013

Immune Cover Reveal, Release Date & W!N Stuff!

The moment you, and I, have all been waiting for is finally here!  IMMUNE has a cover and a release date! I'm so excited about this second book that I have TWO amazing giveaways for you!  

First thing is is IMMUNE!

GENRE: Urban Fantasy


RELEASE DATE:  March 6th 2013




*Warning* I’m so sorry Mom, this one will be no good for you to read either. There is a full on sex scene (nipples and everything), violence and well, lots of bad words. You know— the ones you used to wash my mouth out with soap for? Consider yourself warned.

Underestimating demons is a bad idea, and it’s a mistake Rylee may pay for with not only her life, but the life of a child who has gone missing. 

That is, unless she allows O’Shea to help her; trusting the man who once sought for a way to bring her down. 

If only life were that simple. And in Rylee’s world, it rarely is.





GENRE: Urban Fantasy

AGE GROUP: Adult men and women  

RELEASE DATE:  November 11th 2012


*Warning* If you are my mother, do not read this book. There are things like "F" bombs, sexual tension, and naughty, sexy supernatural creatures. Please don't say I didn't warn you.

When children go missing without a trace, there is only one person who can find them.

Welcome to the world of Rylee Adamson, a woman with unique abilities, some wild friends and a unstoppable drive to save those who can't save themselves.

But when the details of a missing child duplicate that of her worst case, things start to get freaky. And not in a good way.

What people are saying about Priceless.....

"A great storyline and interesting characters"
"Thought the plot was interesting and the characters well developed"
"Took me a day to read this book, I just couldn't put it down"
"Wishing the next book was already out"






Because my readers and fans are so incredibly loyal, I want to show you JUST how much I appreciate all of you!  What do you say to a GIVEAWAY?

  • THREE winners will receive a $5 Amazon Gift Card AND a SIGNED copy of Priceless 

All you have to do is enter the Reader & Fan Appreciation Rafflecopter Giveaway below.  Easy stuff for some GREAT prizes!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

. .



Okay, so you didn't think I would forget about my AMAZING reviewers, did you??  Don't you think you all deserve a special giveaway for the extra work you put in for me?  Well I do here's what I've got for you!  By submitting a review of IMMUNE, you could win: 

  • ONE GRAND PRIZE WINNER will receive: iPAD Mini or $250 Amazon Gift Card, a SIGNED copy of Priceless AND their name will appear in the THIRD book

In Addition to the Grand Prize Winner, the following prizes will also be up for grabs:

  • TWO winners will receive a SIGNED copy of Priceless AND their name will appear in the THIRD book
  • TWO winners will receive SIGNED copies of Priceless
  • ONE winner will receive a SKYPE Chat with Shannon Mayer 

All you have to do is enter the Reviewer Appreciation Rafflecopter Giveaway below.  You will need to write and then post a review of IMMUNE LIVE online (your blog, Amazon etc)A valid link to your review is REQUIRED to be eligible for the Reviewer Appreciation Giveaway.  All in day's work for you all for some INCREDIBLE prizes!  Reviews of Shannon Mayer's other work, while greatly appreciated, are not eligible  for entry in this giveaway.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Thank you to everyone for being such amazing and supportive readers and fans.  I truly hope you enjoy IMMUNE and thank you for your participation in these giveaways!  Good Luck to everyone!


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Can't wait to read more!!

Unknown said...

I loved Priceless and next week cannot come fast enough for me..:)

Raychell Pettijohn said...

I've had this book on pre order since DECEMBER - So can't wait ;)

Stevie Marie said...

Love the cover of Immune! And also as a side note think it's hilarious that you have a disclaimer for your mom. Awesome (ponders whether the warning worked) GO YOU!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a great series and the shoutout to your mom is cute. I hope my mom doesn't read the kind of book I'd like to write either, way too steamy

Mary Preston said...

I cracked up at the "(nipples and everything)".

The books look fabulous.

Unknown said...

Need to get my to-do list ready for the weekend... cause I am pretty sure not much will be done after the 6th until I finish this book!

Unknown said...

Seeing the cover makes me so excited to read Immune! Can't wait to see how the relationship between Rylee and O'Shea develops. Congratulations on all of the Priceless success. You deserve it. :)


Anonymous said...

Would love to read both books. Both sound very interesting.

Andrew Pham (apham17) said...

interesting, probably not the book for me but definitely will have the gf take a look at it :P