Tuesday, November 10, 2009

PR and the Radio

Just a quick update before I get back to my revisions. I have no money now, which means of course I have made my last payment to the free lance editor I have hired. My computer keeps shutting itself off in the middle of my work for no apparent reason (my laptop is my writing computer which has saved me from mental breakdown of thinking I would lose all my writing) and I was on the radio yesterday.

The writing group I am a part of, Writing in Progress, had a spot on the local radio to promote our group. Wendy, the lady who started the writing group, asked me to go along with her for moral support. It was about a five minute blurb with the DJ asking us questions and us struggling for words. Writing is one thing, speaking is a whole other ball of wax. Actually, I thought Wendy did quite well for all her nervousness. It was me struggling to find the right words. Of course.

One of the major pluses of the radio spot is that the DJ invited us to come back as soon as any of our group gets published. Hopefully that will be me in about 6 months. But only if I get on my revisions, speaking of which...

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Tanya said...

try putting a cooling rack under your laptop, they tend to shut off when they overheat, this may or may not help but its always worth a try ;), and i SOoooo call taking that photo of you that goes in the book! :) if there still issues with the computer give me a call and shawn can help you, seeing as that is what he does now :)