Tuesday, November 03, 2009


The next few days are going to be nothing but, well, revisions. After the conference in Surrey, I came home with a lot of ideas to help tighten up my novel, to make it flow just that much better and overall to make it far easier to publish right out of the start gate.

I hope that by the end of the week my revisions will be done or very close to being done. Which means I may not be writing on my blog much this week. Unless of course I get totally stuck and writers block takes over my brain. In which case you may see me writing on here every couple of hours to try and un-stick my mental block!

After the revisions I will be doing a last couple of read throughs with my trusty first readers (yes Suze I will be asking you!) and then I will be ready for my free lance editor. So why, you might ask, this sudden push towards perfecting my ms? At the conference I was fortunate enough to sit down with an acquisitions editor who works for Tor/Forge, the largest publisher of Sci-Fi and Fantasy in North America. Short story is she would like to see my ms. As soon as all my revisions are done. No pressure, no pressure at all :)


CJ Gosling said...

Go for it!

Tanya said...

you can do it :) i know you can!

Anonymous said...

Tor/Forge--whoohoo and congratulations! That _is_ very exciting, but even without that carrot, being freshly inspired/motivated about your series is fantastic news.

~ Ev

Suze said...

I am SO there for you! Happy writing!