Monday, November 16, 2009

Time to Write

I have been going over my notes from the Surrey Conference last month, re-reading my favorite workshops, hoping to re-tap into the motivation that I came out of the conference with. Don't get me wrong, it's not a writers block that I am dealing with, more of a "everything-gets-in-my-way-and-won't-just-leave-me-to-my-writing" sort of deal.

I would love to stay up late, write into the wee hours of the morning, except for the early wake up call to go to work. And for me, work is pretty physical, wrestling with horses all day is not something you want to do, or can do on minimal sleep.

So. Besides quitting work (one day, one day) I just have to figure out where I have the most time to set aside. Fifteen minutes here or there even would be a great start. But to be honest, I love my marathon sessions. Anywhere from three to eight hours is perfect.

I have a deadline coming up, which really is a good motivator, but even better is that I think I can use the deadline to coerce a certain husband into taking on a few more domestic duties, thus freeing time for me. Hmm. Husband + Laundry + Dinner = more time for writing initially, possibly less time later as I sort through the laundry and have to do more workouts to make up for the multiple meals of Chinese take out.

Like everyone else, I guess I will have to figure out the magic formula, when I do, I'll be sure to pass it on. Hmm. Maybe it's something like Husband + vacuuming + dishes. It does have its possibilities. ;)


Darren Barefoot said...

I know money isn't always a viable answer, but I'm a big fan of buying time with a bit of money. Maybe you order groceries online instead of going to the store (time savings--none the first time, but probably an hour each subsequent time), or hire a housecleaner once every two weeks.

Or maybe you just set $150 aside a month and hire a virtual assistant to handle five hours worth of admin and errands for you?

Just a couple of thoughts. I'm kind of a "might get hit by a bus tomorrow" kind of guy, mind you.

Tanya said...

i find with Shawn when I'm editing my photos and stuff i trade time for work, even that's not always the best thing to do but it works, anyways it was just a thought. or if you need some help along the way just let me know, id be more than happy to help out. its going to be pretty slow for me int he next little while so i have the time to help out if needed. :) Oh also before i forget i got my cell up and going again, its the same number as before just with a different company now, and not just sitting there being useless while suspended. :)