Friday, April 30, 2010


Okay, so I'm a little excited. . . just a wee bit! The very first agent who requested my work last summer (it wasn't "quite right" for her at the time) has now requested to see the revised ms!!

No, it's not a guarantee, but it means a couple of things -

1. My book/query/ is memorable enough for her to say "Hey, I remember this, liked it, want to give it another chance."

2. Revisions and editing by a professional can help immensely and I will never send in an un-edited piece of work again. Ever.

3. Takes some of the pressure off waiting for the editor at Tor.

Ah. I can feel the relaxation start already.


Tanya said...

this makes my day :) had been a dull day until i read this :) Woot!

Suze said...


CJ Gosling said...

Oh... I'm sooo excited for you! So excited!