Friday, April 23, 2010

This week. . .

What a busy week! My riding club is hosting a ride out of our farm tomorrow and it has been non-stop busyness here trying to get everything ready. What that means for my writing is, in a coconut shell, nothing good.

In fact, I predicted that while being so busy, unable to do anything but preparations (I even had to take a couple of days of work) that THIS would be the time I heard back from the editor at Tor, just to complicate my life a little more. Alas, I was wrong, I am creeping up on 7 weeks and still no news.

Next week, once life has settled back to its normal hectic pace, I'll be re-submitting my ms to 3 of the agents who requested it last summer, to see if they will take a second look at it. That is after I do some more last minute checks on the ms. I found a great list of four things to search for in your ms before you send it off, which means one more quick (I hope) revision. Of course, I will be saying that a few more times I'm sure.

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Tanya said...

just keep saying *I need to write more, i need to write more* lol GL ont he ride