Saturday, April 17, 2010

Writing Partner

There is a picture of my cat, Faline aka Feemie aka Squeakie that would have been posted along with this if my computer wasn't being a pill but as it is you will have to do without for now.

As I speak she, Falene, is circling my office, preparing to leap onto my desk, covertly dodge around my printer, then finally plop herself into my lap. This is where she sits when I am at my desk, most times with her front legs and head draped across one of my arms. Makes it interesting to write.

Better yet though, is when she crams herself between me and my laptop. Oh yes, she does.

Ah well, she keeps my lap warm and my spelling questionable, but she also provides warmth for my cold typing hands and entertainment when she decides the words being typed should be chased across the screen.

What I can't wait for is when I can put her name on my business card as my "Office Manager" because I'm working from home as a full time writer. Has a nice ring to it wouldn't you say? Squeakie, Office Manager. Mabye I can put one of the dogs down as a consultant. ;)


Tanya said...

lol cant wait to see the photo :P and don't forget to add at least one of the horses to your card as well :P I'm not sure what there can be exactly....:)

CJ Gosling said...

Hey! Just a question, do I still get to read your manuscript?

Shannon said...

Of course Charity! I just have to get it finished. I am hoping to have it done ASAP which means approx. by the end of June :)