Sunday, January 23, 2011

Loving your WIP a little TOO Much

The idea for this post came to me in a flash of inspiration late last night. A good friend has given me a small calendar of daily inspirational quotes and the one for today is -

"He who is not impatient is not in love." Italian proverb.

This is how I feel about my writing. I want so badly for others to be able to pick it up in the bookstore, because I'm in love with the story, that I get impatient. I want to rush through the stages, write the books as fast as possible and allow the masses to have at them.

But while impatience can drive you, it can also screw you up. Let me give you an example. My husband asked me to marry him on our first date. It almost ended the date and our relationship right there. It freaked me out. Was he serious? He was sure I was the one, so he saw no need to wait. I needed a little more time. We worked it out, but it was a little dicey.

It's the same with our writing. In our impatience, we send out queries too early, minus editing, minus revisions, because we love our manuscript, why wouldn't an agent see how great it is?

Love your WIP, but take your time. Don't let your impatience end what could be a beautiful, long lasting relationship cause you pop the "Will you agent me?" question too early. In the end, it will make for a far better manuscript and from there, a far better contract.


Michele Shaw said...

I couldn't agree more. I tend to fall on the opposite end of the spectrum. I work quite slowly and I find it's others who are impatient for me to "get it out there." I want my ms to be perfect (knowing perfect doesn't exist), and I have a hard time letting go. I'm getting closer, finally ready to Q within the next month after 8 months writing, 3 months editing/revising, and 5 months rewriting/revising. All I can say is that each minute has been well spent. I improve (or try to) all the time.

Patricia Lynne said...

Thankfully this is a lesson I learned quick from others and prevented me from jumping the gun on my WIP. Now if I ever feel impatient I remind myself that patience will help me put the best story out there.

Shannon said...

I learned this lesson the hard way, but it's worked out. Thanks for weighing in on the subject ladies!