Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New YA Fantasy Reviewer

No this reviewer isn't me. I read YA fantasy and have quite a few books in the genre that I will read over and over. But who cares what I think about the books? I thought it would be much more fun to have someone, who actually fits into the YA category do a review for me.

So here he is. My 9 year old, reads at a grade eleven level, nephew, Nathan. He will read books of his choice and books that I send him (Or any ARC's out there that need a review he will be happy to do so. ;)

His first review will be of THE LOST HERO by RICK RIORDAN. (This is the author of the Lightening Thief which was turned into the movie, Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief)

The books will be rated 1-5 as follows-

1- Stinks as bad as my baby brother's diaper.
2-Better than the diaper, worse than taking care of my sisters.
3-Like watching a grown up movie in order to stay up late. Worth it. Barely.
4-Worth every minute hiding from mom with the flashlight under the covers.
5-The next Harry Potter. Can't wait to see it in a movie.

So if you are wanting an honest review, this boy will give it to you, ready or not. Nathan will be reviewing one book a month, and if you'd like to be on his schedule, you can contact me at motionsrider@yahoo.ca and I'll get the books to him.


LM Preston said...

Wow! Where can I sign BANDITS up?

Shannon said...

LM- You can sign up right here ;) Email me and we can go over when you want the review. :)