Monday, January 24, 2011

Social Media, Here I come!

Getting onto all the social media sites in preparation for the day that my books are published is like treading some very deep water when I've only just learned how to swim.

But slowly, I'm figuring it out. Facebook, Twitter and Blogger came fairly easily. And now I can be found in Goodreads and LinkedIn as well. But the one I am really learning the most with is Digg. This is supposed to help with traffic to your blog and is also the newest social media to me. I'll let you know how that goes! So wish me luck swimming in the deep end, but more than that, come join me. It's much more fun to drown laughing with a friend than crying by yourself. :)

And if you like, post a comment about the social media tool you've found most effective.


Sarah Robertson said...

I think I've had the most luck with twitter, if only because people are so willing to share and pass information along. That and hashtags make it easy to pinpoint on certain topics and ideas.

Anonymous said...

I have a social media blog! From a social media class I took last semester. It's not really related to your type of social media, but someone in my class did a blog about social media for writers (I'm 90% sure).

I'm in the process of turning it into a knowledge mobilization blog (now that the class is over), so the newest stuff won't be of interest.


Simon Kewin said...

Gosh, I've never even been to Digg. Twitter's been my best friend so far but I'm fascinated to see whether you dig Digg.

Damyanti said...

Twitter and FB are both good for far. And Fb makes keeping in touch with other writers easier.

Liana Brooks said...

I love Twitter, just because I can react instantly with all my "work" friends.

I work from home, writing in between down time elsewhere, and Twitter lets me have a virtual office.

I tried Digg, didn't love, but I enjoy Stumble and it's similar. I can stumble my own blog, or someone else's. Or I can hit the stumble button and it'll show me a site I might be interested in. Actually, it's pretty fun. I've found some interesting things that way. Useless knowledge, but fun.