Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This is your opportunity to FLOG YOUR BLOG! I thought it would be nice if my followers had a chance to show off what their own blog was about and gain some new followers through my blog here.

When you make a comment, don’t just put in your link, tell us a little bit about your blog. Do you write mostly book reviews? Talk about writing angst? Discuss current events? What’s your own writing genre? Are your published? This will help people decide if they want to follow you.

To be completely clear, this is not a contest, you won’t win anything by making a comment, but I am hoping that you will gain some new followers (me too) by participating in the FLOG YOUR BLOG throw down. The only rules are-

1. You must be following this blog, Wringing out Words to make a comment and . . .
2. You must do this on your blog too in order to give your followers a chance to gain new people.

My hope is that more people will not only get active here by commenting and participating but that my followers will get the same thing on their blogs. I think this sounds like a good idea, let’s see how it works.


Liana Brooks said...

Name: Liana Brooks

I'm a sci-fi writer and gypsy scientist. My blog usually focuses on writing, editing, and the publishing world but I diverge to cover science.

I particularly like looking at the science behind science fiction, and if you e-mail me with questions I will be happy to help you develop a science-based something for your book. So far I've helped with a plague, a buoy, and some liquid bullets that I know of.

I am part of the SFR Brigade, welcome guests to come talk sci-fi and pimp their books, and I participate in Six Sentence Sunday. :o)

Unknown said...

I'm Rebecca T. Little and my blog is at

I am a writer of fiction, mainly of the paranormal/urban fantasy persuasion.

There you'll find my insights on writing, the occasional link to something I found in my web wanderings, things I think are helpful, sporadic excerpts from my wip, and other strange, wonderful and eclectic stuff.

Please come have a look. :D

Thanks for this opportunity, Shannon!

Laura Howard said...

Hi, this sounds cool! I am a mom to 4 and an aspiring writer. I'm a newbie blogger, and I'm writing paranormal and fantasy. So far on the blog I've posted about writing, about reading, a little about family, and links to some cool blogs and contests I've found. In April I'll be participating in a ginormous blog hop that is full of published and unpublished authors whom I've become extremely fond of. I will be attempting to post 26 of the 30 days and would love some friends who make positive comments and feedback! I always return the favor! Looking forward to it!
Laura xxoo

Shannon said...

Hi Laura and thanks for the follow! Here is Laura's blog link -

Right now she is having some great contests so check them out :)

Evie said...

Hi Shannon! I found you on Finding Bliss blog and am now your new follower :D I love your blog, the design is so classy! ^^
Let's connect

my blog:

I'm a reviewer (not a writer!) and I read many different genres, including YA, Paranormal, Suspense, thriller, Horror, Historical Fiction, Contemporary Fiction and Asian Ficion! :)

You can also find me on Twitter at @SeoEvie

Cait said...

Hi Shannon, great idea! I'm a new follower =]

I'm Cait, I'm a new blogger (less than a month!) I'm mainly a YA/Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy reviewer, but I also participate in several memes and have come up with my own called "Memory Lane Monday" where I showcase significant or inspiring books from my childhood.

You can check my blog out here:

Thanks for the opportunity to 'flog my blog'!!

Grace at Feeding My Book Addiction said...

Hi, I'm Grace and I'm a new follower. The Flog the Blog idea is a lot of fun. I'm having a great time meeting other bloggers!

My blog is called Feeding My Book Addiction. I post reviews of any book I can get my hands on, plus I do a few book memes each week. I also post book/reading related posts as topics pop into my head.

Here is my info:
Twitter: @Jenica704
Goodreads: Grace Onorato

Shannon said...

For those of you re-posting this, first of AWESOME! Second, put your own blog title in with rule number 1. That way, you should be getting more followers too :)

Welcome to the new gals on the follow button, thanks for the support and can't wait to get to know you better. :)

Anassa said...

So many blogs to check out! Awesome! I've been following this'n for a while, though only made it "official" with FriendConnect today.

Anyway, I'm Anassa, and I'm an aspiring urban fantasy and light science fiction writer. I blog about writing, books, science, and anything geeky that strikes my fancy. My Twitter is more of the same.

Twitter: @AnassaRh

I've already posted on the blog today, so my Flog Your Blog will go up Friday instead.

Aoibheall said...

Hey, all! I'm Lise Quintana, and I write literary fiction and magical realism. My novels and short stories have won several awards, but have yet to be published (which tells me that I'm awesome at writing, but lousy at selling). I'm an extreme introvert, amateur survivalist and have very few filters on my brain, so my blog ends up being about life experiments I'm running (like Day Without Electricity, which happens weekly at our house), observations I've made about myself and others, and about anything else that strikes me as being a notable part of human experience.

Twitter: junglemonkey

Larry Kollar said...

I'm FARfetched, and anyone who knows me would agree. Y'all can call me FARf.

I blog at Tales from FAR Manor. The tagline is "Weird fiction. Even weirder reality," and that pretty much describes it. I write primarily fantasy and sci-fi, but my current blog-novel White Pickups veers into the supernatural and an urban fantasy novel idea wants attention.

I participate in #FridayFlash and #TuesdaySerial on Twitter. In between fiction, I write about technology, crazy in-laws, chicken houses, Mason (the World's Cutest Grandkid), and the various people living here that make FAR Manor the "free-range insane asylum."

I'll post my Flog Your Blog this weekend…

Unknown said...

I'm Rebecca.

I'm not published yet but I hope to be some day. My writing tends to consist of urban fantasy, but sometimes I go off the rails and dabble in something else. My blog alternates, too. I like to post up pieces of flash fiction (the posts are duly labelled as such) and write about my life and other thoughts that pass through my head. I even find time to talk about other writers and their writing. As such, there is also a rather lengthy blog roll on my page.

My blog is here:

I'll repost the Flog Your Blog after my next piece of flash goes up, which should be at some point this weekend. ;)

Tin Cup said...

I'm in! Great idea. We can always use more followers. My blog is mainly about writing, working on a current novel and various random ramblings when the need arises. Follow along!

Lani Wendt Young said...

Great idea - Im very late to the party but wanted to ask if it would be alright to do something similar on my blog as a way to invite people to speak up and intro their blogs?

Thank you,

I blog at Sleepless in Samoa - ravings of a (slightly demented) Domestic Goddess, author, and perpetually sleepless mother of 5.