Monday, May 09, 2011

My husband and a Zombie Apocalypse

While fishing last weekend my husband and I had a very eye opening chat, one that involved, you guessed it, a zombie Apocalypse.

Why would we talk about this? Well, no need to get into the how of it, but what I found fun is that my hubby finally had a chance to see how my brain works, even when sitting and doing nothing.

Husband- "What's the first thing you would do if zombies over ran the world?"

Me- "Large fence with razor wire around the property, we could survive on the garden and the farm for a good long time. We could get some solar panels to pair up with the generator. Guns, we'd need lots of guns and ammo.Not to mention the fact that we have a well with perfect water, cows, chickens and food storage. We'd be good for at least the first wave of dead things.

Husband- Silence then, "You've thought a lot about this."

Me- "It's what I do when I'm not thinking about my writing. My brain has to keep busy." A pause and then, "After the initial wave, that we'd have to look into a semi that we could tank in a large portion of fuel."

Husband- "Wouldn't people see that and want to steal it? Surely there would be other survivors."

Me- "We'd bury the tank of course, have some sort of holding system. Not to mention there won't be too many survivors, I mean really, how many people actually think about things like surviving a zombie Apocalypse?"

Husband- "I can think of at least one."

It was a fun day fishing all and all and now the hubby knows that when the zombies start to over run the world, we at least will be ready for them. :)

How would you prepare for a zombie Apocalypse?


Unknown said...

It's always good to be prepared. When the Zombie Appocolips strikes, my plan is to break into your place and have you share all your stuff with me :)

Shannon said...

Well, at least I know to store enough stuff for one extra! :p

J E Fritz said...

I think writers would be the most capable of dealing with Z-day. My list?

1. Make spears.
2. Learn to throw with more accuracy.

Bows and arrows would also be acceptable.

Tanya said...

wow i wondered when the day would come when he would talk about this :P i mean we've only been doing stuff with zombies and what not :P

Jim said...

I'd take my gun and head over to your place and either commandeer your stuff or move in... as the Boss.

Unknown said...

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