Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rocking Writers Group

I have the best writers group in the world. No, really, they are all incredible!

And I want to share them with you, or at least as many of them as I can that have blogs, websites or books! We’ve got it all from non-fiction, mystery, romance, fantasy and even YA and a little bit of everything in between.

There’s Jodine Carruthers who is an incredible horse trainer with a gentle touch and a firm hand (seems contradictory but with horses it is necessary) she has one book, The Joy of the Journey: Exploring a Deeper and More Fulfilling Partnership Through the Path of Harmonious Horsemanship - on the shelf and a second in the works, both non-fiction and both applicable to not only those who have horses but our individual journeys as well.

Mr. Jim Miller is our newest debutante when it comes to being published and he has done so with Ravenrock Publishing House. His novel, Mined your Own Business is a mystery (Private Rabbi Hawkins stumbles upon a dead body, a treasure map, and a conspiracy all while trying to stay in the army doing as little work as possible.) and part of a series all with the same detective.

Sandy Hunter is a Speculative Fiction writer who can be found (when not typing away madly in her dimly lit back bedroom creating worlds the rest of us only dream of) working away on her blog, Furore Scribindi (Latin translation is The rage to write.)

Mandy Borelli is our resident Chef who dabbles in historical fiction. At the moment she is putting together a fabulous cook book and recipes will soon be found on her blog, Cooking Up a Cookbook. I will say that her food is nothing short of FABULOUS!

Golf anyone? Or perhaps into screenwriting? Clive Scarff is the man of the hour when it comes to those two topics. A golf pro who has put pen to paper and published Hit Down Dammit! amongst other golfing publications. He can also be tracked down in between the greens on his blog.

Ya Fantasy with a Narnia like twist is CJ Goslings forte. Writing for Brighter Books Publishing house, CJ’s book, The Guardian is the first in a trilogy. Hard at work on books number 2 and 3, CJ is a sweet soul who always has something good to say, whether that be in person or on her blog, Tapping the Muse.

Dr. Kathie Black is one of the founding members of our writing group and has her hands in almost every aspect of the publishing business. A non-fiction author of several books, most recently Need For Heat a book about the benefits of infrared sauna’s, she is also the owner and President of Ravenrock Publishing house. (They are currently taking submissions!)

Mimi Barbour is the queen of romance, and paranormal romance at that! Together Again is the latest in her body jumping souls series, love stories with a definite twist. Mimi can be found on her website and also eyeing up the hunks on the beach . . . but of course that is just research! ;p

Please take the time to check these folks out, they are all fabulous and worth the time. Though this isn’t everyone in my group, as more people get published, develop blogs or get websites I’ll be sure to pass it all on to you as I wouldn’t want you to miss out on them.

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