Thursday, April 14, 2011

American Idol for Writers

I've been thinking that if there was the equivalent for American Idol amongst and for authors I would enter in a heartbeat. Then I really considered what sort of things I might have to do to prove I could be an author. Instead of challenges, I think the things you would have to do to in order to move forward in the competition would be called Tasks. And they would suck.

Task 1- Write up a complete outline for a full length novel and shoot a book trailer for it. You have 1 hour.

Task 2- Take that outline, take out the main plot and insert a new plot using the same characters. Re-Shoot the book trailer.

Task 3- Pitch the best of the two stories to your top five favorite agents. You have less than 5 minutes with each agent to sell your book. Try not to sweat too much either, agents don't like that.

Task 4-One of the agents has asked to see your mansucript, the full manuscript. You have 1 week to complete the novel and 1 day to edit it.

And so on and so forth. At first glance a competition for writers would be great, but I don't think after some serious thought that I'm up to the Task. ;p

If you had to add a Task to the list to make for a tough competition, what would it be?


JJ said...

Haha I love that idea! Can't think of anything to contribute sorry!

Regge Ridgway said...

Who would be the Simon cowell though. Stephen king. Love your work and blog following and recommending. See me sometime at Have a great day and keep writing :) Reggie Ridgway

Tanya said...

lol to the sweat comment :P but i dont know if any writers might be up for that challenge :P