Sunday, August 14, 2011

Amazon Gift Certificates Up for Grabs! (ENDED)

Time for a contest! This is a warm up for the iPad contest I will be running in September. A kind of pre-show if you will. But this is also a thank you for all the love from the online community of readers and writers.

I’ll keep this contest basic, fun and with prizes I know you’re going to love.


$50 grand prize!

$25 first place!

$10 second place!

The more people that enter the contest, the more gift certificates I’ll give out and the higher the grand prize will go!

Here’s how you get entries.

Blog follower- 2 entries

Twitter follower- 2 entries

Like my Facebook page- 2 entries

“Sundered” ‘s book trailer on your blog – 2 entries

Refer a friend – 2 entries

Any friends that you refer only have to identify that you sent them my way. They can give me either your name, email or Twitter handle when they make a comment. This is unlimited to how many referrals you can have. Ways to get referrals- tweet the contest, blog about it or send out an email to your friends to help you get more entries.

*If you want to be entered in this contest, you must make a comment, so at least know you want to get your minimum entries for being a blog follower. But of course, why would you stop there? Get your friends involved and make them enter too, it’ll give you a better shot at that $50 AND give them a chance at a great prize!

Any questions about how to win, how to comment or anything else please contact me at

This contest will run from Sunday August 14th till Saturday August 20th midnight. Prizes will be awarded on a random draw and sent out by August 24th. This contest is open internationally.

Good Luck!


Julie (O-kami) said...

I am already a follower of you blog. And I follow you on Twitter (I'm @FPNOkami ) plus I "like" you on FaceBook - will have to work on my friends

Tanya said...

count me in :)

Lani Wendt Young said...

great giveaway! Already a blog follower, jst going to tweet this now. Hope you get lots of great interest and buzz going into the Sundered buildup.

Molossus said...

I just found you and now follow your Blog (molossus), follow you on Twitter (molossus1) and I have 'Liked' your Facebook page (Sandra Strait).

Thank you for the generous giveaway!

Molossus said...

Almost forgot--Julie O-Kami sent me.

Liana Brooks said...

I follow you on Twitter, liked you on FB, and... it won't let me follow the blog.

I'd put up the book trailer, but this week is already booked. Can I do that next Monday?

+4 for me

Meadow said...

Blog and twitter follower here. :) (I'm @AGypsyLove)

Sheree said...

Already a GFC follower.

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

OMG, stopping by to apologize for being a terribly selfish social networker and look, you're hosting a contest! I've more or less pulled myself off the grid, so to speak, so I can get through the first draft of my latest WiP. Usually, I have a brighter presence in the blogosphere! So, please don't enter me in your contest, upping the odds for the other entrants. However, I'd love to like your FB page and put your book trailer on my blog! Always happy to help a fellow author out :))

(And, I will be back for that iPad contest...!!)

Good luck to everyone!

Shannon said...

Liana- Yes of course you can put Sundered on your blog on Monday and I will count it in because you asked so nicely :)(One of the joys of running the contest )

Nicole- Thanks for the support and the follow. Good luck with your WIP!

Everyone else who's participated so far - YOU ARE ALL AWESOME!

Thanks for the love and good luck!

Rabbi said...

Hi Shannon, love your blog. Your blog is great! Best blog in the world! Doesn't get any better thatn this! You are a fantastic blogger...
Have I won yet?

LR said...

I follow you now! I am also a Twitter follower and "like" you on Facebook.

Blue Shedevil said...

GFC follower, FB fan and Twitter. Cool contest and the trailer is rocking! Very nice and I am mos def on board.

GFC- Blue Shedevil
FB- Wendy Mitchell

Coleen Patrick said...

I follow you on Twitter, just liked you on Facebook. :)
Happy Friday!

Victoria said...

Chalk me up for Facebook, the blog and, I already follow in Twitter :)