Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Yes I have an Agent, and Yes, I am self Publishing

A couple of months ago, I had an eye opening email conversation with my agent.

Me: What direction would you like me to take in my writing? Continue on the series you are proposing to publishers, start something new that could be ready in a short time to propose to publishers, or perhaps I could put something out, something like a novella on Amazon to start to create a resume/following?

Agent: I really don’t have any confidence in telling you what direction to take. But I do think it’s a good idea to put some of your work out on Amazon.

Me : Huh? You don’t know what direction I should take? Isn’t that your job? Aren’t you supposed to be guiding me and my career into a long and lasting relationship with a publisher? Is that not why you signed me to a contract, so that we could work together as a team to make it in the publishing world?

No, that last bit never made it on to an email, though I thought it, spit it at whoever would listen and in general ranted it to the world, but never to my agent. You know why?

Two reasons.

One. I respect her and the honesty she gave me. She’s a world class agent, but the world, it is a
changing. She really isn’t sure of how the publishing world is going and because of that, she is encouraging me in a direction that most agents wouldn’t. Or at least, a few short years ago they wouldn’t have. My agent is struggling with her crystal ball and she can’t see the future any more than I or anyone else in this industry can and so . . .

Two. In many ways, her sending me out on my own while I’m still under contract with her is a cool thing, one that once I thought about it, I got excited. Really excited. This is a step in a new direction and I’m pumped about the prospect of putting out my work, getting feedback, and perhaps gaining some notoriety while I’m at it. This is an opportunity for me to take control of my work, where it’s headed and really see a finished project instead of waiting on a publisher.

So that’s where I’m at. Self publishing while still under contract with an agent, hoping for a publishing contract, but no longer waiting to be asked to dance. No, I’m taking my freaking dance card, filling it with the people who’ve supported me along the way, all of you out there reading this included, and I am going to dance my ass off.

With that, I am officially announcing that I will be releasing a trilogy of Paranormal Romance books starting September 1st with Sundered. All three books will be available by September 30th . The trailer for Sundered is on my Books Page, or you can check it out on YouTube here.

“You have brains in your head
You have feet in your shoes
You can steer yourself
Any direction you choose
You’re on your own. And you know what you know.
And YOU are the gal who’ll decide where to go.”

Dr. Seuss


agirlnamednat said...

I can't wait to buy this! I support you 100% and I can't wait to read it.

Kelley said...

I'm so excited for you! Good luck!!

Eileen Schuh: said...
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Shannon said...

Thanks Nat and Kelley! I have had so much support it has been an amazing journey so far and I suspect it can only get better. :)

Eileen Schuh: said...

I don't have an agent, but I have a publisher--and I, too am self-publishing. I decided to go tandum. Self-publishing is a lot of work and requires specialized skills and knowledge (or money to pay for skills and knowledge). It is fun, though. I'll let you know in year which venture proved most profitable!

Shannon said...

Eileen, I know several gals who have publishers and who are now venturing out on their own, I really think this is the way many writers are going, even those who have traditional contacts and contracts. Thanks for weighing in, and do keep in touch, I would love to know how things work out for you!

Shawn Enderlin said...

Brave, and cool. Most everyone (among my writer friends) thinks I'm crazy when I talk about self-pubbing my almost completed WIP, but your agent is spot on right. The industry is in chaos and why not? There are SO MANY reasons to self-pub right now and fewer all the time to go the traditional route.

PS Just happened to catch your tweet - now I will have to add you to one of my lists so I pay more attention. :-) in

Shannon said...

Thanks Shawn! More and more the self publishing is going to be the way things are done IMO, but we all need to keep our standards high and do not only our best work, but our best editing and layout, but that is for another posting!

And thanks for adding me, I will add you too to my "Favorite Tweeter" list!

The Desert Rocks said...

Sounds very exciting!! Hope all your dreams come true!

Nicola Morgan said...

Good luck, Shannon! I'm doing the same, also with my agent's blessing, for many of the same reasons, and that's despite having quite a few books under my belt. In fact, one thing I'm going to do is republish my early books as ebooks - giving my agent commission. Feels good!

Lani Wendt Young said...

Congratulations Shannon. It takes courage, faith and a comittment to hard work to make that leap - and it sounds like you have it all! I made a similar decision a short while ago after waiting for over 6 months for a major publishing company to hurry up and make a decision on my book. Like you i decided to get my own party started and my YA urban fantasy romance TELESA will be launched in Nov 2011.

Heres hoping theres tons of fun at both 'SUNDERED' and TELESA' parties!

artsmuklermd said...

I like your style and focus. Good luck! Art

Shannon said...

Thanks Lani and Art! The support through the online community never ceases to amaze me! :)

I agree with you Lani, there should be tons of fun at both of our parties, be sure to invite us to yours!

Charity Girl said...

Just found your blog courtesy of Rebecca Clare Smith's Liebster award and was really excited to read this post. What an adventure! I'd love to hear how you get on :)

Jeff Bennington said...

Good for you, Shannon! I think that is definitely the way to go. Keep one foot in the water and one on solid ground. No one can give you a definitive answer on which direction to take because everything could change by this time next year.

My personal belief is, go indie with print in your home continent and ebooks. Then get an agent to try and get your work anywhere else where print is a stronger medium. But then again, I could be wrong about that too!

Nice post.

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

Awesome! And it does sound like you have a cool agent! Best of luck with your books!

Shannon said...

Thanks Jeff and Susan! The support is much appreciated. :D