Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bound (Nevermore Trilogy #2) just Released!

I'm so excited that not only is Bound available on Amazon (will soon be on Smashwords too!), but it's out on the deadline day I set for myself. :)

Many thanks to my brilliant team of editors, proof readers and Beta readers. Not to mention Patrica Schmitt, my amazing cover artist!

Here is the link to the AMAZON PAGE.

Thank you for all the support and Happy Reading!


Melissa Breau said...

Congrats Shannon!!

Marie Loughin said...

Great job, Shannon! I hope it sells a million! :)

Lauren @ Pure Text said...

Congrats, Shannon!

Let me know if you need a copyeditor for your third book. Although, it seems you're quite happy with your team. XD :)