Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yes, the iPad is real AND YES there Is a CONTEST for it. (ENDED)

Just over the half way mark in my first ever iPad contest and there are only 16 people entered. This is very good for those of you who are wanting an iPad. :)

But for those of you who don't think the iPad is real, (and I've had a few doubters in the crowd) here's a "lovely" picture of me, only moments ago with bed head and bags under my eyes holding the iPad in its sealed box.

(Gack, that is an awful picture!)

Entry into the contest is EASY!

For every one of my books you purchase and review on Amazon and/or Goodreads, you get entries.

Here's the breakdown.

Review of Sundered on Amazon gets you 2 Entries

Review of Bound on Amazon gets you 5 Entries

Review of either book on Goodreads gets you 2 Entries per

For every friend you send my way who also reviews at least one book you get 5 entries, to an unlimited number of referrals.

You CAN also buy both books through Smashwords, though for the contest you must review on Amazon.

*Open Internationally*

*Only one 16 GB iPad to be drawn for randomly*

*The contest closes at midnight October 2nd*

Phew, I hope that shows you that there really is an iPad!(That picture had better be convincing) I think that next time I will find a prize that is not so flashy, unless all of you like the great prize??

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