Sunday, September 30, 2012

I want to write for "The Walking Dead" and other strange Ideas

There. I said it. I want to write for that show. Amazing, fantastic show that it is, the only way I'd ever get even a smidgen of a shot at being a part for it would be as a writer. I mean, I have already written my own zombie-ish acpocalypse and I have ideas for others, so why not put them to good use? Because it's the only way if I'm going to get to be on this show.

I can't act.

I ain't no stunt woman.

Camera's confuse me on the best of days.

The idea of directing anyone is laughable, my own dogs don't listen to me, why would anyone else?

Okay, maybe they could dress me up as a zombie, but that's a one shot deal.

So, here we go. I could send them ideas. Like maybe killing off Carl. (Was that my outside voice?) And I'm not the only one who thinks killing him would be a good idea.

Or how about some top less shots . . . of the men.


  Now don't act like you ladies don't watch the show. My neighbour, who is in her fifties loves it, most of the women I know watch it and LOVE it. In fact, I know several women who have *ahem* expressed interest in seeing the above men with less clothes. I don't know if it would work on "The Walking Dead" but damn, why not ask?

Feel free to leave a comment on the character you'd like to see "more" of, who knows, we might just get lucky. (Yes, the pun was intended)


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Heather Jensen said...

I love The Walking Dead. In fact, I hear Universal Studios is doing a haunted house this year based on the show and I want to go so bad I can hardly stand it! I'd love to write for it, too!