Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Write A Review, W!N an #iPad 2

Write a Review---Win an iPad 2!

That’s right, er, write! You have the choice of five (5) AWESOME, STELLAR books to choose from, and by

leaving a review, and sending us the link to that review (send to ), you are in the draw to

Win an iPad 2 16gb Wifi Enabled (Black or White, your choice)!

It’s that simple. Your review doesn’t have to be 3 pages long, nor do you have to be a “Pro Reviewer”. As authors, we value ALL reviews. Even the ones that give us some tough love.

This is not an attempt to buy good reviews. Every review will be counted for the appropriate number of entry(ies). We value honesty, as does Amazon.

You will have between September 5th-26th to get your review LIVE on Amazon**

For each book you review, you’ll get an entry into our draw for the GRAND PRIZE of an

iPad 2!


                 Allegiance by Derek Blass


The Bedeviled Heart by Carmen Caine  

Dark Waters by Shannon Mayer 

This Time Forever by Patricia Paris

Jockey’s and Jewels by Bev Petterson 



Now, if you decide to read and review MULTIPLE books, that of course will get you more entries. As in multiplied entries.
Read and review two (2) books, you’ll get four (4) entries.
Three (3) books you say? Well then, you get six (6) entries.
You’ve managed four (4) books. Wow. Eight (8) entries.
All five (5)? Ten (10) entries it is!
So what are you waiting for?

*Minor details*

**You can post to or If you have an account, please post your review on as well*

If there are less than 10 reviews per book that come through in the contest the prize will be lowered to an iPod touch. This will be at the discretion of the organizers.

All reviews MUST be an Amazon Verified purchase (this lights up in green under your name on the review you leave) OR you must show a proof of purchase. In other words, no fake reviews please and thank you very much.

Only one (1) grand prize will be awarded

All reviews that would like to be entered into the contest MUST send in their link to their review at onedaybookpush@yahoo.caAny reviews that go live during this time period on Amazon that do not send in their links to the above email will NOT be entered into the draw.
Winner will be announced October 1, 2012 at Rogue Books- as well as contacted by email.

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