Monday, September 17, 2012

When Celtic Lore and Sexy Men Collide! "Dark Fae" is HERE!

This is the final book in my Celtic Legacy series, that follows Quinn as she fights to save her little sister Ashling. Quinn battles her fears, monsters dredged up from Irish Mythology and the pull of her heart strings between two stunning men; one she’s prophesied to be with, the other her heart can’t let go of.

Overview of “Dark Fae”

With Chaos free in the world, Quinn finally faces the truth. She must kill the one she has spent her life trying to protect in order to save the world. But with leader of the Tuatha against her, her own brother seeking her blood and the world in upheaval, Quinn may not see the day that prophecy has claimed will come to pass.

At least, not without a sword that no longer exists.

Praise for the Celtic Legacy Series . . .

"This is a story of integrity, determination, sisterly bonds, and courage laced with fear. The characters are multi-layered, and they come to life in Mayer's skillful hands."

“Start with "Dark Waters", hang onto your hat through "Dark Isle" then hold your breath waiting eagerly for the final volume. I'm telling you, this series will take you to another, better place. I'm going to read all of Ms. Mayer's stories. I'm a fan!”

“When I found out this was a trilogy, I had to go back and get book one. Very good story and I literally could not put either book down.”

“Of the myriad fantasies I have read this summer, this one stands out among the best. Shannon Mayer brings some very old magic into the modern world, and the result is a wild ride through West Coast forest, the shining Pacific and beyond. She creates characters we can care about in a setting we can see, feel and smell.

Dark Waters, Celtic Legacy Book 1-

Dark Isle, Celtic Legacy Book 2-  

Dark Fae, Celtic Legacy Book 3-


Marie loughin said...

Awesome! I can't wait until I have time to read it!

Shannon said...

Thanks Marie! I hope you enjoy it! I surely had a blast writing this final book :0)