Monday, October 26, 2009

First Impressions

Back from SIWC, renewed, invigorated and motivated by the weekend. Gained knowledge, new friends (hi to all of you reading this ;), pitched my book, met with authors and moved forward in my writing journey. But that isn't what you really want to hear about. You want to know if I actually made a fool of myself. Not one to disappoint, I did make a genuine effort in that particular area.

First, the whole business of good impressions. You will recall that I mentioned in my last post before I left, that I had "extra deodorant". Well, if extra means you forget the deodorant at home than I was bang on in my understanding of the word "extra". The first day and a half I was running back to my room ever couple of hours to wash. No I wasn't running marathons, but if you will also remember, there is the nervous sweating business of pitching, letting someone reading your work and in general putting yourself out there. So, I did make a purchase (who ever head of paying $7 for Lady speed stick??) at the small store in the hotel and was smelling like baby powder from there on in. But alas, that was not the moment that stands out for me when it comes to being a fool.

I had a session with an author to read some of my work, go over what was good, what could be improved, yada yada yada. Problem being I didn't realize I should have a story for him to look at. So try and imagine explaining Robert Jordan's Eye of the world series or maybe The Lord of the Rings IN DETAIL in less than ten minutes when you are already nervous. Oh, did I mention that I was sitting down with Terry Brooks, national bestseller, who has over 30 MILLION copies of his work sold?

So as I fumbled and he tried to help me (he was very kind, like someone trying to converse with a handicapped child) I managed to confuse him completely, leave him with a lasting impression of this person, Moi, who can't even explain what she is writing about( I am quite sure he thought I was a simpleton) and I walked out shaking my head at the wasted opportunity. Oh boy.

I laugh about it now, I have to because if I don't I think I might never sit down with another author again and ask for their help. But as it was I had a second chance, not with Terry Brooks but with Robert Dugoni. But that I will leave for another post, as this one is all about mistakes and my second chance at a first impression went much better than my first chance at a first impression. Which in itself is a whole other story.

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CJ Gosling said...

I think you did well! I sat beside Terry Brooks and all I could think about is how my friend would kill to have an autograph. I spent the next ten minutes trying to figure out why I suddenly had no pen (at a writer's conference no less)and didn't manage to gather two words together before he got bored and went away. Ach wey... oh well...