Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Passing it forward

Not all writers can attend a writers conference. Distance, time and money are all major factors in the decision to attend or not to attend. But that doesn't mean you can't gain a little from the things that I learned.

I, took notes!

The first author workshop I attended was with Jack Whyte. Fantastic speaker, passionate about what he does and a Scottish brogue to boot. But, this is what I learned from him which is most important :

  • Get into what motivates you, your passion, your anger, when it comes from within you, that's when it (your writing) becomes a valid
  • Beware of your inner censor. This can stifle your creativity if you are always worried about what other people think. (Including your mother, pastor, neighbour and friends)
  • Give yourself privacy. Discipline yourself to write every day, seven days a week as well as taking the time to read every day.
  • Writers block is your subconscious mind telling you that what you are trying to write is not acceptable/un-writeable. Give that section a break, then go back and try a new direction.
  • A good story cannot exist without a good character. (This was one of my favorite quotes)

Of course the workshop went on with other info, but I think this is some of the most pertinent. I am hoping to add a few notes from each of my most memorable workshops, to pass along my experience and what I gained out of it. And maybe it will help a writer or two with a different perspective on the writing life.

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