Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wringing Out Words

You might wonder at the title of my blog, so let me explain, there is a reason behind it. If you look up the word "wring" in the thesaurus these words follow : contort, twist, wrench, extort, force, wrest, anguish, distress, harass, pain, wrack, torture.

That is what it can be like to write. For those of you in the trenches with me, you understand how difficult it can be to get the right word, phrase, description or character. To sit down at your desk, wrack your brain with a blank page in front of you, and know you should be filling it with a fantastic new world and to have that page stay blank. Some days you have to wring the words out, and it can be more than difficult, it can be the most gut wrenching frustration.

So in an effort to extort a few more words out of my brain, to harass my mind yet a little more, I will be blogging my journey of publishing (see: anguish, torture & pain) my literary gems.

You will all get to see my distress as I seek out agents, editors and publishing houses. As I wrest rejection letters out of the mailman's hands, force myself to write just one more chapter and twist my editors words so I can say, "See, I didn't need to change this at all."

But I am sure you will also get to see the humour and fun in this journey of mine and hopefully you might learn a thing or two from my experiences.

Of course if all else fails, I plan on becoming a contortionist.


Suze said...

YAY! Shaganello! Welcome to the blog world! I'm so glad you're doing's seriously cheaper than therapy. I wish you all the luck in publishing and look forward to reading about your journey.

Shannon Mayer said...

Thanks Suze! I really couldn't do this without the support of my friends and family.
BTY I did consider using Shaganello as my google account name but something held me back...;)