Friday, October 16, 2009

A Handy Reminder

One of my clients reads palms for a living and after our appointment she offered to read my palm. Besides the two children I am going to have, my long life and the fight with my hubby a few months ago (no she did not spit in my hand and tell me I was going to have a pool) she also made some remarks about my writing that got me thinking. She said that my writing delved deep into my spiritual side and would help people without them even recognizing it. This sparked something in my mind, something I hadn't thought too much about lately with all my efforts in trying to find an agent, editor and publisher.

A writer can only hope that their work will be more than a novel, more than a story that is read once and put away on the shelf. Possibly the words you write can offer hope to someone or maybe a realization that their life could be worse, much much worse, or maybe just a good laugh to lift the blue day blues. Whatever the case, I realized that I want my work to be more than a story, at least to a few people, to have the meaning, characters and triumphs to stick to the readers ribs like oatmeal.

This is why I write, not just because it's a passion/obsession, not just because I can't imaging a future without it, but because it gives me the chance to share the truths I have learned in my life and the belief that no matter how difficult the journey, the destination is worth the ride.

Hopefully, you all agree. If not, you should really read my books.


Jane said...

I love your blog Shannon - so very well said (written!).

sylviahinter said...

i like what you say; thank god for writers; where would us readers be without you?...leroy