Monday, February 15, 2010

A little Breakout

Lately I have been especially busy with writing, and not for any novels. I have taken on the Public Relations position for my riding club (BC Competitive Trail Riders Association) which involves writing articles for the various horse industry magazines. In the month of March alone I will have an article in both SaddleUp and Pacific and Prairie Horse Journal as well as an article for a North Island Community Magazine called The Beacon.

Now, none of this really helps me break out in the writing world, but it does help me hone my skills, get my name known, at least a little bit, and put me in touch with professionals who COULD have contacts that will help me break out. And of course I love to write, I love horses and I love competing. All and all it's a good match, one that has brought forward some great ideas from my writing group.

If I am already writing for these non-paying horse magazines about an equestrian sport I love and have a good deal of knowledge about, what's to stop me from querying the big time magazines like Horse Illustrated or Horse and Rider? Nothing, except that I had never thought about the possibility before.

Though it may not be the breakout I am looking for, it would bring in a little bit of money while doing an article on something I love, an article I will be writing anyway. Will keep you posted if I actually go through with submitting an article.


Charity Gosling said...

That's really cool! It's the perfect kind of thing to build a resume! I've actually just begun a job writing for a clothing catalogue... not as amazing as your job, but us writers got to take what we can get!

Suze said...

Sounds good to me. Good luck!

Tanya said...

best of luck for thoese :P sounds like its goign to be a great way to get into this :)