Monday, February 22, 2010

Rough Drafts

Working on a new project is always fun. New characters, names, places and events, it's all just a big party. I actually really enjoy my rough drafts, but I always forget that until I am back in the swing of things.

When I am working on revisions, I dread my next rough draft for fear of the revisions to come on it. When I am submitting to agents I all I can think about is what if they like it and want more? Then I would have to do a rough draft again and that would be horrendous... Except that it's really not, not at all.

I am beginning to think that this process (at least for me) is something like childbirth only a little bit backwards. Instead of forgetting the pain of creation, I fear that the pain was far, far worse than it actually was and my mind tells me I don't want to start that again do I?

Really, the point I am attempting to make is that writing, whether you are in the beginning, middle or end is not all that difficult, it's the worrying about the writing that is hard on the inexperienced writer.

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Tanya said...

lol shannon, great analogy :P